Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Non-executive directors (NEDs) are more important than ever for bringing in fresh, unbiased guidance to companies or organisations of all sizes. Executives Online provides you with a specialised approach for recruiting the non-executive director who is right for your needs.

Finding the right non-executive director, however, can be challenging. The right person will have a strong and lengthy track record in your market sector, or in one which presents good opportunity for synergy and knowledge transfer into your company. They must also fit well with your company’s board and culture … but not too well, because their role is also to challenge the board and management. They’ve got to be available, too, for the part-time commitment required, and come up to speed fast on the issues and challenges facing your organisation.

Executives Online can quickly find the right non-executive director for you. Our global talent bank of senior executives is a unique and proven resource, containing just the types of candidates appropriate for non-executive director roles. Virtually all of our candidates have 20+ years’ corporate experience, in a tremendous range of industries, functions and companies. Most are successful interim managers, delivering successful results in fixed-term assignments for companies and charitable/public sector organisations of all types. Not only does this mean they’re adept at getting up to speed very fast and identifying the important strategic and operational factors at play, it also means that they are readily available for non-executive roles.

A non-executive director role is an excellent counterpart to an interim career. And our Managing Director and CEO candidates are a natural choice; having run successful organisations, they possess the right type of leadership and advisory perspective needed for non-executive directors. Our global talent bank also contains many candidates specifically seeking non-executive director roles, or holding several already. Our functional managers can make great non-executive directors, too.

Executives Online's approach to non-executive director recruitment is superior to that of most non-executive director recruitment firms.

First, we're extremely fast. We can present a great short list of suitable candidates for your consideration quickly because our technology-enabled, yet highly personalised recruitment service draws the best candidates from our global talent bank who are qualified and available for your non-executive director role. We screen applicants, interview, check references and validate CVs. Read more about our approach.

Second, you pay only for success. Our terms for recruitment of a non-executive director charge a modest briefing fee to initiate the recruitment project, with a one-time fee invoiced only when a candidate we introduce joins your board.

Third and finally, we’re far more likely to come up with the right person, who has not only the appropriate industry and functional experience, but also the right approach and outlook. Unlike most networks of people specifically seeking non-executive director roles, our candidates are still engaged in lively careers. With Executives Online, you won’t see non-executive director candidates who are aiming to just “keep their hand in” while otherwise retired.

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