International Executive Recruitment

We provide both interim management and permanent executive recruitment for companies recruiting executives for their international operations.

It's also possible to try an executive out for a contract period before extending a permanent job offer.

Our International Expertise

We can demonstrate an excellent record of success of meeting even the most challenging client brief and delivering appointments for organisations who came to us for their international recruitment needs, right across the globe. See some examples of our international executive placements.

We have international offices in:

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Talent Bank

Breakdown of our 151,000+ Executives by Role, Country or Industry.

At the heart of our service is our 151,000-strong global talent bank of pre-screened executive jobseekers. All demonstrate impressive track records of achievement and results in corporate positions and many are available on short notice, a plus for organisations facing urgent international business needs.

Our International Executives

Using our proprietary international talent management system, we can identify candidates in our global talent bank who possess the experience and skills you specifically need. We can search for and short list candidates who possess experience and backgrounds such as:

Our International Recruitment Service

When recruiting internationally, effective communication of the role and screening applicants before interview is of paramount importance.

We will ensure that the short list of candidates we present to you is the best possible.

We will co-ordinate interviews of the candidates you choose, whether by phone, video conference or in person and when you have made your decision, we can assist in negotiating the offer, contract and start date.

International Recruitment Fees

Our fee for recruiting for interim assignments is earned as margin on the day rate of the candidate who does the work. We will quote an all-in day rate which includes our fee as margin. See our interim terms or contact us to learn more.

Our fee for recruiting for permanent roles is earned as a % of the salary of the person hired into the role.