Due Diligence Experts

For companies or investors approaching a major financial transaction, performing the appropriate due diligence is an important yet often time-consuming step in the process. Often, however, the financial people who are appropriately experienced to perform it are the same ones whose attention and time are taken with other aspects of the transaction, or with running the company.

In days, Executives Online can supply individuals or teams to resource your due diligence process. Our global talent bank contains hundreds of experienced Finance Directors, Financial Controllers, and Managing Directors available at a moment's notice to add muscle and skill to your due diligence efforts.

Many will have been through a similar transaction before, either in the operating company or as a member of the investor’s team. Many have experience working within venture capital portfolio companies, accomplishing successful exits and additional rounds of finance.

Our experts can be applied across the entire due diligence process, to paint a complete and accurate picture of a company’s performance, obligations and assets. They can:

  • Locate and verify articles of incorporation, bylaws and their amendments
  • Establish geographical locations in which the company is qualified to do business
  • Identify previous issuances of securities, stock options or warrants
  • Discover powers of attorney, convertible debt instruments or other contracts relating to the company’s stock
  • Produce lists of banks or other lenders to the company, credit agreements, debt instruments, mortgages, liens, leases or other agreements pertaining to loans
  • Illuminate and understand the implications of any litigation involving the company or its founders
  • Unearth any disputes with suppliers, competitors, or customers
  • Identify and weigh-up the impact of any employee relations issues
  • Compile existing financial statements since the company’s inception, plus any financial or operating budgets or projections
  • Communicate the impact of complicated contracts and agreements
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