Hire Pre-Screened Consultants Quickly – With Confidence

Of all possible job titles, "Consultant" must be the most ambiguous. Not only is there the obvious vast differentiation of consultants by functional specialty, there is also tremendous differentiation by role.

Some consultants are needed for just a few hours; others may become permanent members of a management team. Identify what type of consulting role you need to fill with our award-winning online test.

Executives Online specialises in filling consulting roles that are hands-on and implementation-oriented rather than those who merely provide analysis and recommendations – although we fill those roles, too.

Our candidates are focused on the end results for your business and they are well aware of the importance of responding quickly and delivering to your deadlines.

Consultant Roles and Specialties

Our global talent bank contains 13,300 consultants who offer their skills and experience in a wide array of capacities, working with our clients as interim managers, project and programme managers and architects and deliverers of change management.

Our consultants include specialists in every management function and industry specialists ranging across:

Our consultants can:

  • Work inside your organisation to deliver or implement a key, yet labour-intensive management task, such as opening a new factory, integrating an acquisition, closing a facility, launching a product, or installing a new IT system.
  • Take on an advisory project, working with your staff to gather information, preparing conclusions and recommendations, then staying on to help with implementation.
  • Work alongside an employee or internal team who are being asked to produce a new initiative, providing coaching, insight, and an extra pair of hands.
  • Step into the shoes of a manager or executive who has abruptly departed, owning and progressing that person’s responsibilities until they return or a replacement is found.

A Cost-Effective Consulting Solution

Our candidates can be a particularly cost-effective solution when employed in assignments having consistent duration and on-site presence. The big firms charge upwards of £17,000 per day for a team of consultants, highly qualified and with deep consulting experience, but possibly without direct experience relevant to your own situation. The price per person may range up to £several thousand for a partner, down to £high hundreds for very junior team members. Individual freelance consultants price themselves knowing that a typical engagement may only comprise a few days or weeks, and so also tend to charge more.

By contrast, our candidates are available at rates beginning in the mid £hundreds per day, on up to £1,200 for a chief executive. Depending on the nature of the work, many are happy to consider incentive-based compensation, deferring a portion of their fee to the successful delivery of objectives.

Our consultant recruitment terms charge no major up-front fees; you only pay us when you engage a consultant we introduce to you, with our fee structured as margin contained in their day rate.