Risk Management and Compliance Recruitment

Executives Online is a fast-track provider of Risk Managers, Compliance Officers and professionals with expertise in regulatory, financial and legal risk management.

We can find seasoned individuals and entire compliance teams for your organisation for executive positions, projects, change programmes consulting, and interim assignments. Executives Online can source specialised risk and compliance professionals faster and more efficiently than traditional executive headhunters do.

Our Risk Management Talent Bank

Our global talent bank includes over 14,900 candidates with extensive experience in risk management, compliance, audit and regulatory issues who are available for executive roles or interim assignments. We can identify risk management candidates who match even the tightest specifications in terms of industry knowledge, risk management expertise, or other critical experience factors.

Our Risk Management Clients

Some examples of clients whose compliance and risk management roles we have placed:

  • The UK’s statutory regulator for solicitors
  • A start up brokerage specialising in the delivery of trading solutions to clients, seeking to attain FSA authorisation
  • An independent financial services dealer group in South Australia/Western Australia
  • A start-up online lending business
  • A software company providing risk, pricing and analytics software to banks, asset managers and hedge funds
  • A major life insurance company
  • A no-fault accident management assistance and related services, operating in the prestige end of the market
  • A UAE investment bank

Our candidates’ areas of expertise include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Compliance audit, consulting, and monitoring
  • Regulatory, legal and financial risk management
  • Credit risk management
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Knowledge of fraud and anti-money laundering measures
  • Inspections and investigations, plus remediation plans for shortfalls
  • Familiarity with FSA and SEC reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues
  • Understanding of regulations around US GAAP and FSA-regulated UK GAAP

Specific candidate accomplishments span broad range of industries and products:

  • Conducted internal audit which identified several substantial system weaknesses, then provided the architecture for new system of control
  • Completed due diligence and commercial negotiations for range of corporate contractual undertakings
  • Implemented commercially based UK and European regulatory standards across broad product set
  • Developed comprehensive training curriculums for compliance and risk teams
  • Wrote a corporate compliance manual

Whether you are looking for a Compliance Officer or Risk Manager for an executive position or an interim role – there are many reasons to call Executives Online.