Interim Management

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Why Interim Management?

Organisations typically choose interim managers either to fill roles that are temporary or to fill critical staffing gaps when a permanent employee cannot be found fast enough.  Although they are frequently called 'consultants', interim managers differ from consultants because they serve in a more hands-on capacity.

These organisations quickly realise many benefits from using interim managers:

What is Interim Management?

Interim management may be described as "the rapid hands-on resolution of business problems by highly experienced senior executives hired on a short-term basis of typically three to nine months." An interim manager on the other hand may be described as "an all-in-one project manager, consultant, and senior executive working at or near board level."

An interim manager will occupy a position that would typically command a salary of £50K plus.

Here's what some typical clients have said:

  • "Not a low-cost option but excellent results and better value than a management consultant."
  • "This was our first experience of an interim manager. He was worth his weight in gold."
  • "We will certainly use interim management again."

And here are some typical interim manager comments:

  • "I enjoy the challenge of each new project and the variety of work."
  • "Achieving results quickly in difficult situations gives great satisfaction."
  • "I continue to learn from each new project."
  • "Freedom from corporate politics is great."
  • "I know I have to deliver results. I'm only as good as my last project."