Our Approach

Executives Online deploys a unique blend of technology and hands-on service to deliver the best person for any executive role. Our permanent recruitment service delivers senior managers and executives (£50k to £200k pa positions) – selected for their specific experience and skills, in virtually every functional and professional discipline.

Most importantly, we’re not a job board – behind our online presence is a full-service, personalised recruitment operation.

At the heart of our service is our global talent bank of over 151,000 candidates. Selected from over 230,000 applicants, these individuals represent a diverse and highly experienced resource for companies facing an urgent need for talent.

A Quality Short List Fast

The cost of an unfilled executive position can be huge, and it can place a great burden on the rest of your senior managers. You may need to fill a key vacancy fast, but we understand that it’s essential to find the right person for every key role.

We Listen

  • First, a highly experienced recruitment director will meet you to learn about your executive vacancy, and about where that role fits in your business.
  • Next, a detailed brief is developed and we use our proprietary talent management system to identify the candidates in our global talent bank who best fit your vacancy.
  • Despite the depth of talent in our global talent bank, some roles benefit from a wider search. In these cases, with the client’s prior consent, we carry out job-specific advertising and leverage our network of specialist job boards.
  • Your recruitment director will meet each candidate and carry out comprehensive, competency-based interviews.
  • Before any candidate reaches a short list, we check references and validate their CV, meaning no hidden surprises for you.

One-to-One Service

Our clients' business needs remain at the forefront of the recruitment process. When a client takes the time to give us a detailed brief of what they need, unlike other recruitment services, we don't pass that information down the line to junior members of staff. Our clients can rest assured that the Executives Online recruitment director they meet will be the same person who selects and interviews the candidates for the executive position.


The best Managing Director or CEO can come from many different backgrounds, so we don’t simply look for the obvious candidates. We carry out an exhaustive multi-level search across functions, locations and industries to create your short list. Our global talent bank includes many candidates with specific business turnaround experience, as well as candidates with excellent language skills and who have worked in many different locations worldwide.

Combined Interim and Permanent Service

No business can go on hold while an ideal candidate for a vacancy is found: so we offer a combined interim and permanent service for clients whose need someone within days while a longer-term solution is sought. An interim manager can fill a critical staffing gap while we create a short list of candidates for your permanent role.

Track Record of Success

Virtually all of the candidates in our global talent bank have 20+ years’ corporate experience, across a wide range of roles, industries, functions and companies. Their corporate and independent careers show a strong track record of delivering results.