Executive Jobs

Executives Online offers a permanent executive recruitment service that is dramatically different from the traditional executive search process. At the heart of our service is our talent bank of over 151,000 experienced managers, directors and executives. Selected from over 230,000 applicants, these individuals represent a diverse and highly experienced resource for companies facing a need for talent.

See the permanent appointments we have accomplished for our clients by industry or by function of the role.

To hear by e-mail about permanent positions we’re handling, register with us. Our registration process permits you to outline recent accomplishments, identify your target salary and your main functional discipline; to tell us some key facts about yourself and the type of work you are seeking; and to upload your CV. If you have previously registered and want to update your details, please login to your personal profile.

The volume of candidate CVs that we receive monthly makes individualised responses impractical.

As we receive briefs for permanent roles from our clients, we will contact you by e-mail. If you see a project that is of interest, please click on the link you are sent. You will be asked to login and then you can review your profile. You can either choose a CV that is already attached to your profile, or you can upload a new CV. We strongly recommend that you also tell us how your experience, skills and accomplishments demonstrate a strong fit to the brief and the client's situation. Be concise, and as specific as possible - this is your best opportunity to market your skills to us and our clients.

We conduct face-to-face interviews only in the context of an actual role. If you are chosen for interview, you will meet with an Executives Online director to discuss the role.

A number of factors determine whether we are the right agency to be of most help to you. For our permanent positions, our clients are typically looking for 10–15+ years of corporate experience in positions of increasing responsibility, as well as a minimum of 10 years experience managing people. We expect candidates to have a demonstrated salary history of £50,000 pa at a minimum.