Benefits of Being an Interim Manager

People become interim managers because, quite simply, it is a great career. The interim managers who are registered and work through Executives Online report that if they can cope with the uncertainty of being sometimes on assignment, but the rest of the time looking for one, they gain flexibility, independence, variety, freedom from corporate politics, and the ability to very quickly make a big difference to the clients they serve.

Request and download our research report on interim management, which explores demographics of interim managers, day rates and utilisation, and clients’ reasons for engaging interim managers.

In addition to career satisfaction, whey can also be highly remunerated. Interim executives working through us command on average €900 per day, some much more.

Providing they keep themselves reasonably well-utilised throughout the year, interim managers typically increase their earnings versus what they could achieve in permanent employment.

Growing numbers of you are discovering the attractions of an interim management career choice can bring:

  • An opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to take control of your working life.
  • A more flexible lifestyle that you may take advantage of to pursue other ambitions, or simply to provide more time for other interests.
  • You may be expected to fulfill three or four assignments with different organisations over a period of year. This should prove more interesting and challenging, and ultimately provide you with a valuable portfolio of business experience.
  • You should expect to receive better remuneration. Managed correctly, assignments should provide you with increased earnings over the course of a year or alternately free time for which you have already been paid.
  • You should also take pleasure in greater job satisfaction by avoiding the corporate politics, stress and distractions that is incumbent on a permanent management position, and so being able to focus on the job solely to achieve effective results.
  • For both women and men, the interim route is the ideal, flexible solution for managing the demands of the family. You can retain good earnings and even improve your position on the career ladder.