Tips for Interim Management CVs

See our sample successful CV.

  • Do start with a summary profile of yourself (avoid waffle)
  • Do emphasise your specialist area and how many years of experience you have in executive management positions (normally 10+ years)
  • Do summarise (in a paragraph) your successful outcomes (what are you famous for?)
  • Focus on your main functional experience and what you have to offer to clients (which may not be the same as your next step on the corporate career ladder)
  • Keep it simple and easy to read
  • Maximum four pages of A4
  • No colour text or background
  • No photos
  • No large attachments
  • Avoid a "jack-of-all-trades" approach (these get deleted very quickly)
  • Do include facts and figures on budgets, staff numbers, achievements and responsibilities
  • Remember that a good interim management CV is not the same as a corporate career CV. Getting professional help can be a good investment. If you're having trouble writing your CV, or if your CV is not working for you, consider a CV writing service. See for more CV writing tips and advice.