Interim Recruitment

Would You Make a Good Interim Manager?

Being a good interim manager is not the same as being a good corporate manager. Before pursuing your first interim project, you need to consider a few key questions:

Do you have a really good CV with an excellent track record of achievement that shows the reader quickly and clearly what you can do?

Have a look at the style of CV that helped candidates to secure interim management positions. Remember that we have thousands of CVs in our database, but at any one time we are actively seeking to fill only a few vacancies. Your CV needs to stand out from the crowd to have any chance of your securing an interview. Please note CVs undergo a standard validation check prior to short listing for client projects. And see these CV tips.

Are you physically and mentally fit enough to start a new project every six months?
Are you financially secure enough to survive some bumps?
Do you interview well?

The selection process for interim positions is much shorter and sharper than the corporate recruitment process. You must be able to sell yourself quickly and confidently.

Do you have the skills to quickly assess what's going on in a totally new environment?

You need to be able to analyse quickly, develop solutions and then deliver those solutions on time and within budget.

Do you have good networking skills?

You will need good networking skills to secure opportunities. Remember that the benefits of interim management are not widely recognised and that assignments are frequently to address crisis situations.

Are you happy to live out of a suitcase when necessary?

Projects will frequently be too far from your home location to allow you to commute daily.

The Interim Management Association run one-day workshops designed specifically to help you understand whether a career in interim management is right for you and to help you get started.