Frequently asked Questions

What type of roles does Executives Online specialise in?
The roles we fill for our clients are at a senior level and our clients are looking for experienced executives whose corporate and independent careers show a strong track record of delivering results. We do not usually take on interim roles for which the candidate day rate is under £250 or permanent roles for which the annual salary is below £50,000. It is thus important that candidates are experienced executives who have achieved this level of remuneration in their careers before approaching us to register.

What locations do you cover?
We have offices throughout the UK and also in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Qatar and South Africa.

How much experience do I need to have to register with you?
Our clients typically look for 10–15+ years of corporate experience in positions of increasing responsibility. For interim positions it is helpful (though not a pre-requisite) if a candidate has accomplished at least one interim assignment.

How do I register?
The easiest way is to register online.

How long does registration take?
We've tried hard to make our registration process as easy as possible. We have split the registration process into 4 short steps, asking for some basic information about you and your expertise and enabling you to upload your CV.

I'm based outside the UK. How do I register?
You can either register here, or you can register on any of our other websites, if their locations are closer to yours: Australia, Belgium, France (website in French and English), Germany (website in German and English), Ireland, Italy (website in Italian and English), Netherlands (website in Dutch and English), Qatar or South Africa.

What happens after I register with you?
The large volume of candidate CVs that we receive monthly makes individualised responses impractical, however, once you've registered with Executives Online, you will begin receiving e-mailed notification of projects in your areas of expertise for which we are seeking candidates. If you see a project that is of interest, please click on the link you are sent. You will be asked to login and then you can review your profile. You can either choose a CV that is already attached to your profile, or you can upload a new CV. We strongly recommend that you also tell us how your experience, skills and accomplishments demonstrate a strong fit to the brief and the client's situation. Be concise, and as specific as possible - this is your best opportunity to market your skills to us and our clients.

If I move house or change phone number or email address, what's the best way to let you know?
You don't need to write to us or telephone to tell us your details have changed. If you are already registered with us, login to your personal profile and update any information you need to change.

I’ve moved jobs and want to send you an updated CV. What do I do?
If you are already registered with us, login to your personal profile and upload a new CV, instantly.

I want to update my personal profile but I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
From the login screen select the link option Forgot your password. Enter your user name (which is your email address) and click on Request Password. The system will advise you by sending an email to your local account. Remember though, you must use the email address (username) you supplied on registration in order for the system to recognise you.

Will you want to meet me after I register?
We conduct face-to-face interviews only in the context of an actual role for which you apply, and where it appears that you may be among the strongest of applicants. If you are chosen for interview, you will meet with an Executives Online director or recruiter to discuss the position or assignment.

I am new to interim management. How do I know if I will be a suitable interim management candidate?
Read our helpful advice for new interim managers. The Interim Management Association run one-day workshops designed specifically to help you understand whether a career in interim management is right for you and to help you get started.

Will you check with me before you send my CV for a role?
We will never send your CV to a client without your express permission.

It's a long time since I updated my CV. Can you offer any tips on CV writing?
Read our CV tips.

What can I expect to earn as an interim manager?
Read about typical interim management day rates.

How do I know you are a reputable company?
Executives Online’s recruitment practices comply with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Code of Professional Practice, designed to ensure that all members of the REC conduct their business ethically and to the highest standards and to promote good practice within REC membership.

I can't find the answer to my question here. How do I contact you?
We're sorry we haven't answered your question here. You can either email your question to us at, or contact your nearest Executives Online office.