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You Want the Employee to Start When? The Lowdown on Recruitment Lead Times

Companies seeking to recruit a new employee tend to fall into two distinct camps vis-à-vis the urgency of the hire. In one camp, the hire is planned; it’s part of that year’s business plan, with a thorough and complete job description and expected costings detailed down to the penny. In the other ...

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The Myth of the “True” Interim Executive

In the interim management industry there’s a common line of thinking that interim managers have a critical inflection point in their careers, before which they were regular employees, and afterwards they are interim managers forever – “true” interim managers. Observed deviations from this are described as mistakes: The executive found they were mistaken about being ...

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The Power and Limits of Negotiating at the Time of Hire or Engagement

Executives seeking a new role who have made it past the first hurdles of CV, short-list and interview(s) eventually confront the final obstacle: Negotiating an acceptable job offer.

This makes many people nervous, especially those with jobs that don’t regularly involve negotiation.

Experts advise you should be excited to negotiate. If someone is ...

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The One Question to Ask the Headhunter to Predict Whether You'll Get the Job

Here’s an insider secret. There’s one simple question you can ask a recruiter to get a sense of the odds of your winning the role. Depending on the answer, you could stand an 800% better chance of getting hired.

For many time-pressed candidates, this information can be crucial. Pursuing an opportunity presented by ...

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Top 10 European Recruitment Fails

A company’s first international expansion outside its home territory is a milestone event. In many cases, it coincides with a key hire.

Many companies make the international recruitment process harder on themselves than it needs to be, in ways that would be hilarious, if they weren’t so damaging to their prospects in the ...

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Seven messages from the 2014 World Employment Conference

Last month’s annual gathering of Ciett, the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies, saw federations and recruiters from over 30 different countries converge on Brussels for the 2014 World Employment Conference.  This year’s event was hosted by Federgon – the Belgian federation – and included a number of key messages for European recruiters, their clients ...

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What Really Happens When You Send a LinkedIn Invitation

A great thing about social media is its openness. It’s now easier and faster to find anyone, and find information about them, than ever before.

Like all great things taken to extremes, this openness is also one of the downsides of social media. It can be, sometimes, rather more open than we’d like ...

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How social media and diversity are changing the European recruitment landscape

The European recruitment landscape is facing significant change in the near future, with a wider proliferation of social media usage, as well as a focus on boardroom diversity and the gender pay gap gaining even more momentum. As the only truly pan-European interim management provider and an executive recruitment business with operations in multiple countries ...

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The Real Reason Boardroom Gender Diversity Remains Elusive

It’s hard to avoid all the press coverage and policy initiatives on the topic of gender diversity in the boardroom. A number of studies – McKinsey’s “Women Matter” initiative, the Lord Davies “Women on Boards” reports, to name a few – found female representation on boards correlates favourably with company performance.  Yet despite some small ...

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